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Lawn Weed Control to Prevent Weed Growth Before It Happens

Getting rid of weeds is time consuming, back-breaking, and can be expensive if you use herbicides. Ideally, you should stop weed growth before it starts--this is easier and cheaper than killing weeds when they pop up. Preventive lawn weed control is also safer for the environment and more long-lasting than defensive approaches...Read More

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Rock your garden: weed control with landscaping stones

May 8 2012

Worried about conserving water and sick of weeding flower beds? A rock garden provides visual and textural contrast to your lawn and requires little water or maintenance.



Grass fertilizer: the secrets of N-P-K

April 10 2012

Fertilizing your lawn with a balanced fertilizer keeps it green and healthy. Choose and use the correct grass fertilizer for your lawn to boost your lawn's color, growth and disease resistance.


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Seasonal Lawn Care


2 dos and 1 don't for summer weed control

July 28 2011

When the heat turns up, ridding the yard of weeds becomes more complicated. Use these three tips to keep a handle on weed growth.



4 garden maintenance tips for droughts

July 19 2011

In many communities around the country, summer means hot, dry conditions. If you love a lush lawn and green garden, that can spell trouble. Try these four methods to get out of it.


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Broadcast Spreader There are two basic types of mowers: Rotary Mowers and Reel Mowers. Rotary mowers are the most commonly used mowers and generally fall into three categories: hand-pushed rotary mowers, self-propelled rotary mowers, and riding mowers. Reel Mowers are usually self-propelled, except for the most expensive models, commonly used at golf courses.


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