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3 backyard landscape ideas: from simple to sophisticated

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

A simple design idea can change your backyard weed control approach, or a sophisticated blueprint can help change the way you grow your backyard vegetables. Interested in making a backyard change?

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  1. Mow your lawn higher in the backyard. Keeping your lawn a little on the long side can be enormously useful. It helps conserve water by shading the ground to minimize evaporation; and it aids weed control, because weed seeds have a harder time growing in shade. While your yard may seem shaggy at first, the weed control assistance a longer lawn offers may convince you that long grass is in style.

  2. Keep the lawn in front. Some of us think of the backyard as the venue for family football games and quiet evenings spread out on the lawn. Still there's something very "English country house" about a large front garden.

  3. Create a kitchen garden. While many of us with vegetable gardens relegate them to some back corner of the property, with the right design, your vegetable patch can transform into a beautiful kitchen garden you'll be eager to show off. Kitchen garden designs, like this one from Country Living, can help you make the upgrade.

Backyards offer such tremendous flexibility. For even more ideas to help you design the perfect outdoor space for you, check out our full Backyard Basics section.

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