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5 steps to successfully planting a flower bed

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

Planting a flower bed can be intimidating. It's hard enough figuring out a lawn; now you have to deal with flowers, too? The good news is that if you break it down, it's not that hard. Follow these five steps, and you'll have pretty flower beds before you know it.

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  1. Clear the way. Before you plant flowers, you want to clear the area where you plan to place them. Remove areas of lawn where the beds will be located. Dig up any weeds. You may be tempted to use weed killer, but weed killer can stay in the soil for quite some time and could harm your new flowers. You're better off skipping the weed killer and digging out the weeds by hand.
  2. Choose your plants wisely. You don't have to do hours of homework, but are you planting a flower bed in a shady spot? Ask the folks at the garden center to direct you to shade-loving plants. For a sunny spot, ask for sun-loving flowers.
  3. Mulch. Once you've got those flowers home and planted, spread some garden mulch in the open areas of the flower bed. It'll help keep the flower bed looking tidy while the flowers grow in, and it'll help keep moisture in the soil and fight weeds. Win, win, win!
  4. Water well. Almost all plants do better when they're watered deeply several times a week rather than watered shallowly every day.
  5. Maintain. Watch for weeds and pull them when they're young. Apply fertilizer periodically, and remove dead flowers from your plants to promote reblooming.

Ta da! Just a few simple steps and you've mastered planting a flower bed.

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