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5 winter landscape tips

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

With a few landscaping tweaks, you can bring color and beauty to your landscape, every season of the year.

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  1. Fall lawn fertilizers are your friend. You may think your lawn needs the biggest nutrient boost in spring or summer, when its putting on new growth or growing inches a week. Not so. Fall, when it's stretching its roots, is your lawn's hungriest time. Feed it in fall, and you can see green much longer than you'd imagine
  2. Go for architecture. When the leaves are gone, does that tree you're picking up at the nursery still have lovely lines? Winter landscapes can have a stark beauty that sweeping branches and balanced proportion help along.
  3. Don't underestimate evergreens. That juniper tree or holly bush may not pack a punch in summer when everything else is blooming, but when they're still green and proud at zero degrees, those evergreens don't seem so bland anymore.
  4. Consider unexpected color. Fall lawn fertilizers can give your landscape an extra boost of green, but there's more winter color to be had. Find unexpected color in plants like the red twigged dogwood or in berries on plants like holly. Or pump up the color in hardscaping. No reason you can't paint your garden wall yellow!
  5. Plant winter bloomers. A few wonderful plants like camellias actually put out flowers mid-winter. Find them. Plant them.

Lawn fertilizers and red twigs may not be enough to make your backyard the riot of life and color it is at the height of summer, but try these tips out and you'll see that winter gardens can do more than just wait for spring.

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