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Make Your Backyard Dreams Real with a Makeover

by Karin Mangan, All About Lawns Columnist

Do you look at your backyard lawn and say "one day...."? You lead a busy life. You know a backyard makeover would make a big difference, but you just don't have the time. Well, one day could be all you need for a backyard makeover that can transform your backyard into a stylish living space.

One Day Backyard Makeovers

Of course, you can't do everything in a day but you can do enough to improve your enjoyment of your backyard or make your property more attractive to prospective buyers. For maximum impact, concentrate on the elements of your backyard that are making it look untidy. Simply mowing the lawn and trimming the edges can make a big difference in no time at all. Cutting back overgrown shrubs and removing weeds and dead plants are also quick fixes in your backyard makeover.

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Top tips for a quick and easy backyard makeover

If you can find time to work in the backyard, here are a series of "one day" chores you can do to improve the look of your backyard:

  • Plant annuals in full bloom to provide immediate color.
  • Plant all-season, low-maintenance shrubs to give color and cover all year round.
  • Buy hanging baskets from your garden center. Remove non-cascading plants from their basket and plant them to provide an attractive arrangement of colors. Use cascading baskets to disguise unattractive features such as garage walls.
  • Paint walls and fences.
  • Use potted plants to screen unattractive areas, create distinct areas within your backyard, or a private space screened off from neighbors.
  • Scatter grass seed to thicken your lawn, or put down a new lawn for an immediate result. You won't be able to achieve that by yourself in one day but your garden center can do it for you.

By taking things one makeover at a time, you should begin to see a noticeable difference in your backyard--as well as your enjoyment of your backyard space.


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Karin has worked as a writer and researcher for the past 10 years, writing on a variety of subjects. She has a research-based PhD in English studies and is engaged in an ongoing battle to tame her backyard.

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