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Backyard Patio Design Ideas for Outdoor Living

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

A patio can make an attractive addition to your backyard. It extends your living space outdoors, gives you extra space to relax or entertain, and can provide a pleasant view from your window.

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Choosing the Right Backyard Patio Design
Your backyard patio design should take certain key factors into consideration. The first is cost: you may not be able to enjoy your backyard patio design if you are too busy worrying about your finances! The material you use should complement the house. Natural stone flags may not be right for a backyard patio design in a modern house. On the other hand, contrasting materials can look extremely stylish.

Your backyard patio design should be practical. If children or elderly people will use the patio, a textured finish and an even surface are advisable. If you want to sit out, consider shade and shelter. An umbrella or canopy may be better for shade than placing your patio under trees because they enable you to control the shade and you typically do not need to worry about leaves and bird droppings.

Accessorize Your Backyard Patio Design
When drawing up your backyard patio designs, make sure it is big enough for the potted plants and furniture that you may want to add to finish your design. You may also want to consider the surrounding area. If you are replacing an area of lawn with a patio, use the healthiest parts of the turf to replace damaged or worn areas of the remaining lawn--that way you can get a fresh-looking lawn to enhance your patio area.

To connect your backyard patio design with the house, use hanging baskets or trellises to pull the two together. Lighting adds a finishing touch to your backyard patio design. Similar lights around the lawn area or in the borders can integrate the patio with the rest of the backyard.


About the Author
Dawn West B.A. holds a B.A. in English from Harvard University and teaches writing at Oregon State University.

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