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Backyard Ponds: Create Your Own Oasis

by Karin Mangan, All About Lawns Columnist

A backyard pond can be a beautiful addition to any home. Listening to the sound of gently flowing water and watching as colorful fish glide by can be relaxing pastimes.

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Backyard Pond: Stocking with Fish and Plants
Fish can bring your backyard pond to life. First, find out which fish are best suited to your climate and the size and depth necessary to maintain the fish. Next, consider plants. Plants are traditionally important in terms of oxygenating and cleaning your backyard pond. You should aim for 60-70 percent plant material on the surface of the pond. Always buy your fish and plants from a reputable source and check fish for clear eyes, undamaged fins and scales, and a straight swimming habit.

While there are numerous varieties of fish available, koi and goldfish tend to be extremely popular. Koi are attractive, active, and graceful but they usually need a lot more care than other fish, as well as specific pond conditions. On the other hand, goldfish tend to be much cheaper and easier to maintain. Be careful not to overstock your pond with fish, and take measures to protect them from predators.

Backyard Pond: Filtration Systems
Aeration and filtration systems keep the water in your backyard pond clear and healthy for your fish. Fountains and waterfalls likewise can keep the water moving and oxygenated so that it doesn�t stagnate.

Backyard Pond: Plants and Flowers
Give some thought to where you locate your pond and what you plant around it. A pond laid into the lawn or patio, away from trees and shrubs can prevent it from getting clogged with leaves and may allow it to stand out as a central backyard attraction.

Adding a backyard pond can be a rewarding project for any homeowner. As a result of your hard work you should be able to enjoy your pond for years to come.


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Karin has worked as a writer and researcher for the past 10 years, writing on a variety of subjects. She has a research-based PhD in English studies and is engaged in an ongoing battle to tame her backyard.

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