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Family Fun with Backyard Play Equipment

by Karin Mangan, All About Lawns Columnist

Backyard play equipment can really enhance your time at home with the kids. It doesn't have to take up too much room, and it can be a stylish edition to your outdoor space. Various materials are available--wood, metal, or plastic--and you can select a play system that suits the abilities of your children and the space you have available.

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Backyard Play Equipment to Suit the Family
Safety should be your number one concern. Situate your backyard play equipment on level ground away from tree branches, wires and other obstacles. Ensure that swings have enough room in front and behind. In hot climates, avoid metal backyard play equipment because it can become hot to the touch.

Plastic backyard play equipment is usually bright and colorful, which might appeal to your children but unless you have a large backyard, you might regret having your backyard dominated by primary colors in plastic. Choose a play system that can adapt as your children get older or it may become obsolete very quickly.

Grass Types and Other Surfaces for Your Backyard Play Equipment
Children love to jump from play equipment and swings and they should have a soft place to land. If you are going to set up your backyard play equipment on the lawn, you should make sure you have the right grass type. Hard wearing or sports grass is typically essential if you don't want your children playing on bare earth or mud. Rather than choosing and maintaining the right grass types, you may prefer sand, wood chips, or shredded or recycled rubber mulch, all of which offer greater protection from fall injuries.

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