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Five Fun Landscape Design Ideas for Your Backyard

by Joe Cooper, All About Lawns Columnist

Just because the summer is coming to a close doesn't mean your backyard landscaping ideas have to. Check out these fun ideas for landscape design ideas that can keep the summer spirit going.

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  1. Plant an organic garden.
    For those of us that prefer greens and vegetables pesticide-free, this is a less expensive and more interactive option for getting them. And if you've never gardened before, beginning with the basics like tomatoes, squashes, and herbs is a straightforward way to start. Then you can introduce small plates at dinner parties with phrases like, "Oh, this is just a simple bruschetta with a few things from our organic garden."
  2. Make golf happen in your backyard.
    Sound ridiculous? Not if you have the space--and you don't need much. If you have a wide, flat space in your backyard, installing a putting green isn't out of the question (and isn't too expensive, either). Some homeowners even opt for a sandtrap so they can practice their chipping. Bringing expensive recreational sports home is a great way to use your own landscape.
  3. Hydrate your backyard.
    Let's face it, backyard ponds have bad reputations as high maintenance magnets for bugs and algae. But it isn't always so. Having a good landscape design plan and taking some important steps up front can save you that pain. Pick a sunny spot (for a greater variety of plant choices), use a sturdy liner that extends past the border of the pond (to block "water-seeking" roots and plants), and place your pump in an easily accessible spot.
  4. Heat things up.
    A backyard firepit is an awesome addition to any backyard, in any season, and is one of the fastest growing trends in backyard landscape design. As long as you have the land for a safe perimeter around the fire, and no trees to hang over it, your space issue is solved. The two basic components of a fire pit are the pit and the seating. The design and installation are pretty simple, and there are hundreds of different pit designs from which to choose.
  5. Make your backyard "the spot."
    Sure, you may have a patio and/or a deck. And maybe you have decent patio furniture. But what about heat lamps? How about an outdoor stereo system? What about subtle, contemporary lighting that doesn't scream "motion sensor light"?

Adding these elements can put more design into you backyard landscape, and make it the spot to hang out at all year long.



About the Author
Joe Cooper writes education, home services, and design articles, and manages corporate communications. He holds a bachelor's in American Literature from UCLA.

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