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How to Give your Backyard Lawn the Green Grass Treatment

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

If You Want Green Grass, Go Green with Your Fertilizer

Going green really could mean just that. Organic lawn fertilizers can help to develop and maintain the delicate balance of the ecosystem that keeps your backyard lawn healthy and green. Kelp-based fertilizers are extremely rich in nutrients and are particularly useful in dry weather. Blood meal products and cottonseed-based formulas offer slow releases of nutrients that are best applied later in the season. Not only are organic fertilizers typically less harmful in terms of their impact on the local environment, they also allow the helpful bacteria, fungi, and earthworms that aerate the soil to flourish. So, by using an organic fertilizer, you can do your bit for the earth and enjoy lush, green grass in your backyard lawn.

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Green Weeding for a Green Backyard Lawn

Weed control can likewise be a totally green activity. A beautiful, weed-free, green grass backyard lawn can be achieved without the use of harmful chemical herbicides. Seed-bearing weeds can often be eliminated simply by mowing your backyard lawn at the right time. Keeping your grass plants slightly longer so that they shade out the weeds is also effective. An early application of corn gluten meal can prevent many types of weed seeds from germinating. Some plants produce chemicals that act as a natural herbicide, inhibiting the growth of other plants. Products containing these natural chemicals may allow you to target weeds without introducing foreign chemicals into the environment--all of which are important in your green approach to maintaining a green lawn.

Green Knees for Green Grass

Of course, if you are really committed to taking the green route to green grass in your backyard lawn, you can always kneel down and pull out the weeds by hand. It takes longer but the results are usually worth the effort.


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