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Top Tips for the Backyard Wedding of Your Dreams

by Karin Mangan, All About Lawns Columnist

There's nothing quite like a backyard wedding for intimacy and understated ceremony. A green lawn and lush garden can make for a beautiful backdrop for the celebration of love and union.

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A Perfect Backyard Wedding: A Lifetime of Memories
The perfect backyard wedding is the one that meets your expectations. If you dream of a small, casual gathering on the lawn outside your home, you can achieve that. If you prefer a more formal event, go for it. The secret is in the planning. Determine exactly what you want from the day--how many guests, what time of day, what menu, what style of dress, what flowers. But don't plan every last detail--the big day may never live up to your ideals if you expect every little thing to be exactly as you've imagined. Focus on the main elements that are important to you. Assign someone to manage each of those elements on the day because you don't want to spend it running around like an event organizer!

Avoid Backyard Wedding Pitfalls
Perhaps the most important thing in planning a backyard wedding is to consider what could go wrong, and stop it. Even in the most glorious of climates, be prepared for an unseasonable downpour. A tent can prevent your wedding from ending up a washout with guests wallowing around on your muddy lawn. Even if it doesn't rain, a wedding tent can add a touch of class and provide a place to put the wedding cake to protect it from the sun and passing birds. Select a suitable menu, avoid dishes that can quickly go cold or melt outdoors, or that may attract the attention of bugs.

A Backyard Wedding: Your Wedding, Your Way
With the planning done, and all the arrangements made, you can relax and enjoy your wedding day alongside the special person you've chosen to share it with.


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Karin has worked as a writer and researcher for the past 10 years, writing on a variety of subjects. She has a research-based PhD in English studies and is engaged in an ongoing battle to tame her backyard.

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