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Unique Patio Ideas Breathe New Life into Your Backyard

by Shannon Lee, All About Lawns Columnist

You have the patio space, but you're not sure what to do with it. That's the complaint of many homeowners who have so-so patios in their backyard. Create a unique space all your own with these fresh patio ideas!

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Patio Design to Delight the Senses

Patios should be a place of relaxation and retreat. These ideas can help make that happen:

  • Embrace the shade. If you don't have large trees around your patio, invest in a spreading variety that will provide plenty of shade in future years. The shade can keep things cool and provide a natural ambiance to your space.
  • Bask in the scent. Certain smells can trigger good memories. If you loved the smell of honeysuckle as a child, plant it beside your patio. You can mix in other fragrant bushes, flowers, and shrubs for a summertime medley of scents.
  • Listen to the water. A small waterfall or fountain on your patio adds the charming sound of trickling water to your backyard. The relaxing sound just might help make your patio a new favorite place!
  • Have a seat. Patio designs that include ample seating make entertaining easy. Add a few benches, and perhaps a nice pergola to dress things up.
  • Turn on the light. Incorporate environmentally friendly lighting into your patio design and discover the joys of using your outdoor space at night!
  • Don't forget the details. Charming accents, like that unique flower pot or the gorgeous free-standing fireplace, can complete the best patio ideas. The space is your private retreat, so make it personal!

Change things up until you find the most attractive and relaxing look for you, and then invite your friends over to toast the delightful new patio!

About the Author

Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. Her house was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her hobbies.

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