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Year-Round Backyard Living

by Karin Mangan, All About Lawns Columnist

Backyard living doesn't have to be confined to the summer months. With the right layout, furniture, plants, and types of grass in the lawn, you can enjoy backyard living throughout the year.

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A patio area that can be partially covered during the colder or wetter months, comfortable furniture designed for the outdoors, planting that provides some color and cover throughout the year, and hardy types of grass that won't be ruined by use in the wetter weather can all be used to enjoy year-round backyard living.

Backyard Living: Cozy Up with a Fire Pit
A fire pit is really just a camp fire with a more decorative design. The beauty and warmth of an outdoor fire can allow you to enjoy your backyard late into the evenings and throughout the winter months. In colder areas, you may need to locate your fire pit within a sheltered area such as a partially covered patio, taking care of course that there is sufficient ventilation and that you've ensured there is no risk of the fire spreading beyond the fire pit.

Backyard Living: The Finishing Touches
A fountain can also make an attractive backyard feature, and the soothing sound of running water can help to wash away your daily troubles in a similar way to the sound of a crackling fire. The running water of the fountain makes it unlikely that the water feature may freeze over in winter.

Complete your outdoor living experience with an outdoor entertainment centre. Audio speakers and even a T.V. screen can be installed in an area of your backyard. They can be discretely positioned so that they don't detract from the outdoor feel, allowing you to enjoy your backyard in a variety of ways.

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