You already have a long list of lawn and garden chores to accomplish this fall–why would you want to make it any longer? I’ll tell you why: because these little add-ons don’t take that much more time or thought, yet they can actually have a very large impact. Just a couple of easy extras, and your lawn will feel like it’s gotten the royal treatment:

  1. Rake a little more. After you’ve raked up all those leaves, switch from a leaf rake to a garden rake, and give your lawn another once over. That extra attention with a rake can help remove thatch, and limiting your thatch lowers your lawn’s risk of developing a lawn disease. Cutting back thatch also helps fertilizer reach your lawn’s roots, where it can actually make a difference. An extra round of raking has another bonus: it rids your lawn of crabgrass seed, saving you from that pesky weed come spring.
  2. Spread fertilizer and grass seed. If your lawn has thin patches, don’t put the spreader away after you’re done with your fall fertilizer application. Keep it out and use it to spread some new seed on those sparse areas too. Extra grass seed gives your lawn a chance to thicken up and fill in those blank spots above and beyond the growth you’ll see from fertilizer.

An extra round with the rake and a few handfuls of grass seed won’t take much time or effort, but they can have a pretty significant impact. Go ahead and add them on!