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We’ve finally gotten our yard looking good, and now it’s time to enjoy it. Everyone has their own ideas about lawn care and what plants are considered weeds. I like to encourage native plants to grow along with  annuals and “exotics”" purchased at the local nurseries and home improvement/lawn care stores, as long as they don’t take over. August’s  Lawn and Garden Bonus August brings the annual crop of “volunteer” sunflowers. They come up in the vegetable garden, ... Read the rest of this story

Your  lawn can be marred by an explosion of summer weeds. Where do they come from? You pull and apply herbicides, to no avail. The weeds come back instantly and persistently. How can a weekend lawn warrior reclaim the backyard from invading weeds? Here are some tips for summer weed control: Chemical Weed Control: Don’t Improvise Weed control products are divided into pre-emergent and post-emergent. Once weeds have sprouted, you’ll need to use a post-emergent product. When using weed control agents, ... Read the rest of this story

Planning to spend Labor Day grilling with friends and family?  Put away your barbecue apron. Fall lawn care  season is here. Late August and early September are ideal for preparing your lawn for its fall growth finale.

Fall lawn care prepares your lawn for a lush spring display.

[/caption] Seed and sod: Mid to late August is optimal for seeding or putting in new sod. This gives your grass full advantage of the September growing season ... Read the rest of this story

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