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Battling bugs and other pests in your lawn can be time consuming, frustrating and hazardous. Here’s how to minimize pest pest problems with a program of preventive lawn care: Go Green First: Depending on the type of bugs you’re battling, and the intensity of the infestation, it’s best to try “green” pest control products first. This can help minimize damage to the evironment, wildlife, while keepying your lawn and gardens safe for humans and pets. Insecticidal soaps ... Read the rest of this story

What happened to the green grass of summer? Your lawn may be looking anything but green. Here are a few lawn care  tips for giving your grass the equivalent of a hammock and a tall frosty drink.  Drinking problem?  If your lawn is green, but has some brown patches, you may need to reset your sprinklers to that all of your lawn gets adequate water. Other problems could include a clogged or broken sprinkler line, or inadequate watering ... Read the rest of this story

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