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Most of us doing our weekend best to keep our lawns healthy, green, and well groomed probably wouldn’t think of lawn care from the angle of social criticism, but author Paul Robbins has done just that in his book, Lawn Care: How Grasses, Weeds, and Chemicals Make Us Who We Are.

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[/caption] Lawn Care as Motivational Agent Why do people use copious amounts of toxic chemicals in lawn and garden in spite of knowing ... Read the rest of this story

A mulching lawn mower can provide multiple benefits for you and your lawn:

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[/caption] Free food: Well, at least for your lawn. Mulching mowers chop and redistribute grass clippings in a way that prevents clumping and facilitates fast absorption into your lawn. This provides a quick burst of nutrients for your lawn. Eliminate “bagging and dragging”: Streamline your lawn care routine with a mulching mower. You can mow and feed your lawn ... Read the rest of this story

Have you ever wondered why people pull plugs out of their lawns? The answer is a lawn care practice called aeration. Aeration promotes air circulation under your lawn, and here’s how it benefits your turf grass:


[/caption] prevents accumulations of moisture that can lead to fungus and disease reduces soil compaction and thatch, allowing proper flow of water and nutrients to grass roots aerating before fertilizing and seeding maximizes results You can rent lawn aerators, also ... Read the rest of this story

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