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Fall brings changing colors and textures to our lawns, but it’s also a wistful time as we prepare to say goodbye to annuals and other plants that disappear with the onset of cold weather. One such plant in my zone 5-6 backyard is red fountaingrass. Its pale plumes waving above its red, bronze and green tinted arching blades resemble a friendly greeting. Ornamental grasses are hardy, and provide texture and colorful variety in your landscaping. ... Read the rest of this story

Using the words “‘dead” and “healthy” in the same sentence may seem counter intuitive, but trimming spent flowers from your garden shrubs and plants (deadheading) helps to ensure a healthy bloom next year. If you still have annuals in your garden, it’s usually possible to coax one last blast of blooms from them. As fall foliage color begins to emerge, keeping your ornamental gardens in good shape helps to highlight the fall season and display ... Read the rest of this story

A spring in your step may not be a good thing if your lawn feels “springy” when you walk on it.  Thatch is the layer of living and dead plant material that accumulates between living grass (your lawn) and the underlying soil. It’s  desirable to have some thatch, but if there’s more than an inch of thatch in your lawn, it’s time to dethatch your lawn.  Here’s more on the benefits and drawbacks of thatch and managing  it with ... Read the rest of this story

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