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With Labor Day Weekend almost here, it’s a good time to think about transitioning your lawn from the brutality of summer to the more hospitable days of fall. Regardless of how much we humans enjoy summer, our lawns don’t flourish under summer’s extreme heat. Proper fall lawn care can help you enjoy the last blast of green grass while conditioning your lawn for winter. Here are some tips for winter preparations for your lawn: [caption id="attachment_143" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="photo credit: ... Read the rest of this story

 If you want to add vibrant fall color to your landscaping and lawn, consider a Japanese maple tree. These beauties are available in rich tones from scarlet to silvery gray.; their color can change as they mature and according to light conditions. Newer varieties  include combinations of pink, silver, and bronze foliage in addition to traditional red and green. Young Japanese maples are popular for accenting porches and patios areas, or for providing interest in shade gardens. Japanese ... Read the rest of this story

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