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Bermuda grass, your days are numbered. Within a matter of weeks the overambitious lawn/weed we love to hate here in the desert Southwest–and I’m sure other warm weather states feel the same–will turn from green to light brown and go dormant for the winter. Last week I wrote about the common practice locally of overseeding lawns during the winter months. I know very few people who prefer the look of a brown dormant bermuda lawn to the ... Read the rest of this story

Organic gardening is hot, and that trend has moved into the mainstream world of consumer lawn care. Whatever you call it–organic, drug-free, pesticide-free, chemical-free–the idea is to maintain a healthy lawn without using chemical fertilizers or other substances. As I started digging into organic lawn care (pun intended, sorry), I kept coming across a recurring analogy that goes something like this: using chemical fertilizers to feed your lawn compares to eating fast food every day. It’s convenient ... Read the rest of this story

Haven’t you poured over home improvement and garden magazines, sighing at pristine landscapes, charming front porches, and colorful flower beds? Whether or not your own home could be featured in the pages of a magazine, you certainly want visitors to have a great first impression of your home. If you’ve got the money and the inclination, a professional landscape architect or designer can help bring your front yard fantasies to life. For most of us, though, fantasies ... Read the rest of this story

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