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Across large sections of the United States, fall has turned cold very quickly this year. Large green expanses of lawn have already been covered with snow at least once, and lawn cutting and trimming activities are officially over for another year. Here in the warm winter states, it’s a whole different world. When I first moved to Arizona and was introduced to the concept of overseeding a lawn–adding new seed over an established lawn–I’ll admit to being flabbergasted. ... Read the rest of this story

Most lawn care enthusiasts enjoy complimenting their green lawns with trees, shrubs and flowers. Spring floweirng bulbs provide a great display of bright color–an effective antidote for months of dreary winter weather. Here are some tips for selecting and planting your bulbs.

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[/caption] Selecting Spring Bulbs You can find a wide variety of spring flowering bulbs online. Typically, they’re planted at various times during fall depending on your first frost date. If ... Read the rest of this story

If experience is the best teacher, I’d highly recommend that any lawn warriors/garden gurus contemplating a major project check out results from others who’ve already “been there, done that.” You can surf around lawn and garden sites to find project photos accompanied by a narrative of various stages of the project. Try the repairhome website’s promotion called Share Your Project. An added benefit for those who’ve recently completed a project: You can post photos and ... Read the rest of this story

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