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Whether you want to pursue a career in horticulture, you’ve recently retired and suddenly have extra time to invest in your favorite hobby, or you just want to learn more about creating the best possible garden, becoming a Master Gardener can help you achieve your goal. The very title Master Gardener seems awfully hoity-toity, but it essentially means that someone has spent a lot of time studying gardening information and processes for your region. Established by the ... Read the rest of this story

Merry Christmas! Hopefully you’re in the middle of a warm, wonderful family celebration and won’t even see this until after the fact. I love celebrating Christmas, but I can’t say the same about putting all of the Christmas decorations away. And then there’s the tree. A few weeks ago, your family drove happily to the tree lot, or your local Home Depot, or (if you’re really lucky) to the mountains and chose the perfect Christmas tree for ... Read the rest of this story

First things first. How the heck do you pronounce the word poinsettia? Do you pronounce the “i” at the end? And is this a three- or four-syllable word? Supposedly–at least according to the so-called experts who write the dictionary–poinsettia falls into the category of words that have more than one correct pronunciation. You may not be able to see your lawn right now, but given the date, you likely have a poinsettia somewhere in your home–welcoming visitors ... Read the rest of this story

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