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As our northern friends dig out from the last snowstorm and prepare for the next, those of us in sunbelt states bask in the sunshine and remember exactly why we moved south…for the winter! When I first moved to Arizona, I remember being completely shocked that friends had about five citrus trees full of fruit growing in their yard. My Minnesota childhood didn’t prepare me for seeing oranges outside of the grocery store. If you’re lucky enough to ... Read the rest of this story

How many times have you heard about a family moving to the suburbs, or the country, or a house with a bigger yard because of their kids? It happens all the time, doesn’t it? Although many children grow up just fine in urban areas, there’s just something about a big family backyard that speaks to the imagination of a kid. If you’re lucky enough to have a great backyard for your children, take advantage of the space ... Read the rest of this story

What does growing a beautiful lawn and garden space have to do with the holiday season and U.S. troops? Much more than you might think, thanks to a seasonal fundraiser from Project EverGreen and The National Christmas Tree Association’s Christmas SPIRIT Foundation. When the military deploys troops overseas, many families are left with one parent to take care of all the household tasks without a lot of financial resources. Project EverGreen’s “GreenCare for Troops” program coordinates free ... Read the rest of this story

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