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The recipe for a dull front lawn or backyard seems to be a big rectangle of lawn edged with foliage. I’m not sure where that idea came from, but it is not the most unique look. Break up your blanket of green by adding a path, or creating a flower bed or herb garden. Turning the blanket into more of a quilt is a great way to add interest to your front lawn or backyard. Creating a ... Read the rest of this story

This morning while walking the dog in a light sprinkle, my husband slipped on a muddy sidewalk. He’s okay–just a little dirty–but it made me think of ways to keep the soil where it belongs. Winter rye! Yes, winter rye is the grass that helps avoid soil erosion the best. Too Late to Plant? If you live in a colder area of the country, you might be thinking it’s too late to plant winter rye right now. ... Read the rest of this story

If you aren’t after a great dandelion greens salad or the fine medicinal purposes of dandelions, and you’d like to avoid using chemicals that will kill your grass along with the dandelions, then you have to resort to weeding to get rid of dandelions. Don’t fret too much–it means you will get rid of the yellow polka-dots that can quickly take over your lawn and flower beds. Getting rid of dandelions is not difficult, though some feel it ... Read the rest of this story

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