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I remember when weed eaters, also known as weed whackers, were a new must-have gadget for every dad and weekend warrior. It was 1972 and a weed eater was just the tool to get the St. Augustine from around the fence posts in our front yard. As an adult, I am seriously wondering why we have a tool that trims weeds instead of gets rid of them. I would say it was a misnomer, however I watched ... Read the rest of this story

As March nears and shamrocks are showing up in stores all over, you might notice some clover creeping in your lawn as well. Until the 1950s, clover was a part of most seed mixes for lawns. Its ability to reseed itself and stay green was considered an advantage in the pursuit of a beautiful, green lawn. The single-seed lawns won out, though, and here we are today. However, due to its drought-tolerant, low-maintenance qualities, some clover lawns ... Read the rest of this story

As wet weather continues into spring and rain harvesting becomes an increasingly interesting hobby, what comes next may be nagging mosquitoes. They love standing water, but even moisture in your lawn is enough to allow them to reproduce. Gnats also love to nest in a moist lawn. Pretty soon, mosquitoes are biting at your ankles every time you mow the lawn, and clouds of gnats are hovering above your beautiful carpet of green. If the idea of ... Read the rest of this story

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