Grass Rooted

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Last week I wrote about the cooling benefits of grass and touched on the green architectural benefits of having a green roof. I thought it would be interesting to take that a step further and brought in an expert on the subject. Sarah Mills is an environmental consultant in Southern California helping governments, educational institutions, and businesses begin or expand their sustainability initiatives. These are the questions I asked and Sarah’s answers. Q: What are the advantages ... Read the rest of this story

When i was growing up, any time a neighbor got a swimming pool, they got rid of the grass. It wasn’t necessarily because their backyards were too small: it was simply the mindset back then. Pool or grass–never both. But there is room in your backyard landscaping for both and there are advantages to having grass near your swimming pool. Backyard Landscaping: Creating Your Resort Look Think about the last resort you visited. Likely there were patches of lush, ... Read the rest of this story

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