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According to Monarch Watch, an educational outreach program at the University of Kansas, “By creating and maintaining a Monarch Waystation you are contributing to monarch conservation, an effort that will help assure the preservation of the species and the continuation of the spectacular monarch migration phenomenon.” Monarch butterflies migrate each year from all over the United States and Canada to California and Mexico for the winter. Unfortunately natural sources of milkweed and nectar where monarch butterflies typically ... Read the rest of this story

In the pursuit of conserving water it really comes down to a question of cost or conscience. What is it for you? Cost: Reading Your Water Bill Your water bill likely reflects units of water that you use each billing period using the term CCF. Using Roman numeral C for 100, CCF stands for one hundred cubic feet of water. One CCF is 748 gallons. Picture 748 plastic one gallon jugs. That’s a lot of water! You probably ... Read the rest of this story

Keeping your lawn lush throughout the summer doesn’t have to mean dousing your grass with a million gallons of water. Instead, keep the grass a little bit longer than usual and you can water less. There are several advantages to “mowing long.” Letting the grass blades get a little longer can reduce the growth, which lowers the water demand: Water and growth are directly proportionate. Watering less leads to slower growth which in turn takes less water. Easy ... Read the rest of this story

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