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As the temperature rises, entertaining means backyard events. It’s time to assess what guests see in your yard depending on where you seat them. Yard Work: Pruning with an Eye to the View Noticing the perspective from each outdoor area where you entertain is especially important, if you are considering pruning or removing a tree or shrub. I was determined that my backyard landscaping would look much nicer if we removed a rather tall plum tree that had ... Read the rest of this story

In the last month I have found wasps building nests in two different places–places that I was not expecting. We left a cooler out on the patio for about a week after using it for a party. I was open an inch or so to let out any moisture that might have remained after we dumped the melted ice. When I finally went to put it away, I flipped the lid open to make sure it was ... Read the rest of this story

In a recent TV commercial for a product called “Patch Perfect,” the ad describes the product as “grass seed in a cocoon of mulch.” It is prodded as the answer to re-seeding brown spots or hard to grow areas of your yard–like shaded areas. They show the grass seed growing anywhere once you add water–even on cinderblocks. This is not an endorsement of the product, but the packaging is genius. It’s a bag with holes on the ... Read the rest of this story

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