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Neighborhood parades, backyard barbecues and community picnics are the name of the game for the Fourth of July. Make everything a little more patriotic by doing some sprucing up in pots and flowerbeds with red, white and blue flowers this year. Red Easy no-brainers like petunias, geraniums and begonias look great in a pot on a porch or as a centerpiece on the buffet or picnic table. Consider an arrangement of cut flowers. There are few flowers prettier ... Read the rest of this story

A little girl steps off the wooden deck in her backyard onto the cool, green carpet of grass. You can almost feel the delicate grass envelop your own foot as you watch her tiny toes. “Don’t step on it!” her mother shrieks from a chaise lounge on the deck. Just fertilized? A dousing of herbicide? You wonder why the toddler can’t step on that green pasture of a lawn. The answer: it’s dichondra, also spelled “dicondra.” The Beauty of ... Read the rest of this story

Sometimes you can cut your grass and eat it, too. Wheatgrass: Bottoms Up! Ask someone who grows wheatgrass if you can grow it as a lawn and they’ll laugh. But wouldn’t it be pretty? Wheatgrass grows thick and straight up. It is architecturally very modern looking and looks great grown in a decorative planter, but it doesn’t work as a ground cover. Because of its nutritional value and ability to cleanse the body of pollutants and toxins, it ... Read the rest of this story

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