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If you are planning to start rain harvesting this year, you might want to install gutter guards now in preparation.

Yes, that is a cactus ... growing in a rain gutter on a patio cover.

[/caption] Or maybe you are not that eco-friendly: Maybe you are just sick and tired of cleaning your gutters or removing things that are actually growing in them, like the cactus and dandelions shown above in ... Read the rest of this story

Jul 20

Garden Chat

By: Leslie

In: Lawn Care

Have you ever planted sweet peas in a bare flower bed and on the same day you notice that they are sprouting up your gardener pulls them all out thinking they are weeds? Does your gardener change the schedule on your water timer and not tell you? If so, what we have here is a failure to communicate. When you hire, a gardener, it is important in communicating with your gardener to let him know not only ... Read the rest of this story

An important element to your well-manicured lawn comes from the edging. There is a difference between edging and trimming. Edging is not something you can do with a weedeater. You really need a vertical cut line to delineate from your lawn to the sidewalk, patio, or pathway. This clean line accentuates your beautiful lawn unlike any other maintenance item. It cleans up any grass or other groundcover that creeps out of control and appears unruly. Edging cuts ... Read the rest of this story

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