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Lawns are more than just the green carpet that leads to your home. Lawns play an important part of our culture. From school playgrounds and parks to neighborhood greenbelts and street medians, municipal lawns add a great deal to our lives and the experiences we have in our communities. What is a Picnic without Some Grass? Every day isn’t a picnic: that’s a given. But hopefully you and your family indulged in at least one picnic this summer. ... Read the rest of this story

Before you forget, start making a list of things you need next summer. The list might be modest and include a hammock and a new iced tea pitcher, or it might be grand and include a new patio and a swimming pool. If your list includes a glorious pool with a combination of lush landscaping, a patio to entertain and a built-in barbecue, start doing your research now for construction to start next spring. There are two specific ... Read the rest of this story

Have you ever planted a new flowerbed or re-seeded your lawn and a few weeks or month later it seems that it has sunk? The plants are doing fine, but the soil line is lower than it was. Where did the soil go? You don’t have a slope or a ditch where water would erode the bed, nonetheless, the path is suddenly higher than the begonias and/or the patio is now an inch or two above ... Read the rest of this story

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