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It won’t be long before fall is upon us and tree leaves are blowing in the wind. Before it is time to rake and rake, take inventory of what you have in your garden shed. Leaf Rakes An A frame leaf rake is fan-shaped with tines close together. All the tines hit the ground at the same time for maximum ground coverage. This is the best rake for big lawns with lots of leaves. These come in a ... Read the rest of this story

Q. What is black, red and foamy all over? A: A sap-sucking spittle bug, hungry for your lawn. Spittle bugs! That foamy substance acts as protection when nymph spittle bugs put it around themselves to stave off predators. There are several varieties of spittle bugs, some attach themselves to trees, grasses, and some to various plants like herbs. The adults lay the eggs which hatch nymphs that create the spittle while they drink the sap from a plant. They ... Read the rest of this story

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