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Spiders: eight legs, two body parts, six eyes. If just reading the words to introduce this topic is giving you the willies, then you probably have arachnophobia, maybe just a mild case. Spiders are around all year long, all over the world. Funny thing is, they seem to be most noticeable right around Halloween. The reason is the weather. As the days grow shorter and the temperatures in most of the country start to drop, spiders hide ... Read the rest of this story

First, weed and feed is a product that helps boost your lawn while killing weeds. It attaches itself to broadleaf weeds like dandelions and clover but does not target things like crabgrass. It also stops germination which is why you should not plant grass seed soon after using weed and feed. If you are not opposed to using herbicides or fertilizers, here is what you should know before you buy a bag of weed and feed. Pros of ... Read the rest of this story

You spent the summer clipping hedges and cutting flowers and trimming trees. If by the end your tools were needing more muscle than they ever had before, they may need a tune-up or a complete replacement. Tool Clean-Up Take an inspection. Do your handles need sanding so they don’t cause splinters? Is anything cracked that should be replaced? Check the grips. Hand trimmers need a good grip on them so you avoid injuring your hand. Also make sure ... Read the rest of this story

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