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St. Augustine grass does well with salty soils and does best in tropical and subtropical climates. St. Augustine is grown in Hawaii, Mexico, Southern California and the southern United States, as well as Australia and parts of Africa. It does not survive in cold weather. St. Augustine as a Lawn For anyone who grew up with St. Augustine as a lawn, the mention of it conjures up memories of really nasty grass cuts and grass stains. It’s a ... Read the rest of this story

Vines can add a dramatic improvement to a blank wall. Vines can be trained to make a pattern or left to grow a little wild. It is important to supply support with a wall, trellis, or fence of any kind. Vines come in two main classes: twiners and climbers. Twiners wrap around anything they touch and climbers adhere to the surfaces that they connect with. Choice of Vines Common backyard vines are ficus pumila, star jasmine, bower vine, ... Read the rest of this story

Entertaining outdoors can add fresh air and much needed square footage to an otherwise stuffy and crowded party. If you like entertaining outdoors all year long, there might be a few things you can buy or use in a unique way to enhance your entertainment experience. Warmth of Winter Wonderland First of all, if you have some chilly nights but more clear nights than rainy, then a full-size patio heater might be worth the investment. For under $200 ... Read the rest of this story

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