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Have you ever watched A&E’s reality show “Billy the Exterminator“? Billy Bretherton is an exterminator in Louisiana. He is quite an entertaining character. Spiked hair and dark glasses–he is always decked out in black leather, metal spiked cuffs, and emblems of skulls and crossbones. He leads Vex-Con, his family-run business that helps people rid their homes of flying and crawling insects and a variety varmints, snakes, and crocodiles. In the ... Read the rest of this story

Using hedges to create a privacy screen, windbreak, or decorative border is a beautiful way to serve a purpose and punctuate an already beautiful lawn or garden. Privet Drive The famous lane where Harry Potter lives in the muggle world is named for a common hedge plant–the privet shrubs. Privet shrubs reach a height of four to 15 feet. In North America privets are invasive–which might be a good thing for you if you don’t want to spend ... Read the rest of this story

Are you bothered by discarded Christmas trees lying on the curb in January but not keen on the idea of a fake tree in your living room? There is now a solution. Rent a tree! Scott “Scotty Claus” Martin, a landscape architect, founded the Los Angeles-based Living Christmas Co. in 2008. There’s sure to be a copycat in your area offering the same rent-a-tree service. Martin delivers a live potted Christmas tree to those willing to shill ... Read the rest of this story

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