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These days backyards are being called outdoor rooms all the time. If the patio is the dining room and the barbeque bar is the kitchen, then the lawn is the family room. Thinking of it that way, your lawn is essentially your outdoor room’s carpet. How does it look? Is it bare in spots? Is it stained by the dog or the backyard swing set? Has the color of the grass changed? These are common problems for backyards and family room ... Read the rest of this story

The expression “growing like a weed” is not an understatement. Weeds do seem to grow inches overnight, especially with a lot of rain and a wee bit of sunshine. So how do you tackle them before they take over? Protect your bloomers…from weeds First, take some preventive measures in your flowerbeds–that’s easiest. Use a good mulch to place around the plants. The more dense it is, the less you’ll need. Mulch helps keeps moisture in and keeps weeds ... Read the rest of this story

If you decided to go with a drought-tolerant yard instead of grass and you find yourself wishing you could just mow it, you’re not alone. Lingering Grass Many people who have to remove grass from their yard in order to install a drought-tolerant landscape find out soon enough whether they got all of it out. While waiting to plant new plants, you don’t water so the grass appears dead and gone. Those grass roots sit dormant–until you are ... Read the rest of this story

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