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How much water does your lawn really need? A lot less than you might think–about an inch to an inch and a half a week. That’s not a half hour every day. Depending on your sprinklers, that is maybe two good soaks a week. You can test by putting a cup out and measuring how much water collects throughout your sprinkling. You might think you’re helping your lawn out by watering it more than that, but the ... Read the rest of this story

You know how spring fever goes–the first day the temperature breaks forty, you’re practically outside in shorts and a t-shirt. You just can’t wait to get started–you, and everything in your garden along with you. But those premature buds are going to get hammered when a March snow storm hits and winter returns for its last hoorah. What about your lawn? If you get out there a little earlier than advised and spread your seeds, how’s ... Read the rest of this story

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