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Here’s the scenario: you’re scrupulous about yard maintenance. You’ve got a lawn mowing schedule, and you stick to it. Your neighbor on the other hand…let’s call him a reluctant gardener. Oh, why sugarcoat it? His yard is a mess. His lawn is overgrown, and his flower beds are filled with noxious weeds that threaten to creep into your perfectly manicured yard. What’s a neighbor to do? This week, one Florida man demonstrated exactly what you shouldn’t do, ... Read the rest of this story

This August, turf professionals from around England are coming together for the Grass Court Seminar, a two-day intensive course from Wimbeldon’s team of groundskeepers. You may not be flying to the U.K. for lawn lessons, but you can still learn a thing or two from Wimbeldon, all without leaving your armchair. Grass types for high traffic areas Here’s on big lesson: if you need grass types that can stand up to heavy traffic, consider perennial ryegrass. Until 2001, ... Read the rest of this story

The snow is still melting. Your lawn isn’t even the least bit green yet. Thoughts of yard work are still packed away with your summer clothes. And yet! The work you do this time of year can make a huge difference in the health of your lawn all season long. Here are three easy early spring lawn care jobs to tackle in the coming weeks: Spread the snow. We’ve all seen those giant snow piles that are ... Read the rest of this story

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