Grass Rooted

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Dandelions are best tackled in fall. Spray them with weed killer just before they go dormant, and they’ll take the poison to their roots and wither away with winter. But spray them with weed killer in the spring, and they’re likely to soldier through. That doesn’t mean, however, that all is lost if you weren’t on top of things last year. Right now those dandelions and their cheery yellow heads may seem to be mocking your ... Read the rest of this story

We all know lawn mowers can be dangerous, but when they are a regular part of your routine, it is easy to forget and treat them casually. One Indiana family was brutally reminded of the dangers last year when their lawn mower lurched forward and critically injured their four-year-old son, who was playing on the grass. Fortunately, lawn mower accidents like this can be prevented. If you live in a cool-weather climate, you probably haven’t mowed ... Read the rest of this story

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