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Digging up your lawn and starting over sounds like a pain. And it is. But sometimes total lawn renovation is also the right choice. Thankfully, most of the time there are plenty of other options, but if you are facing either of the problems below, full-scale lawn renovation may be the quickest way to a happy ending. When to do a total lawn renovation Your lawn is more than half weeds. Trying to fight a massive weed invasion ... Read the rest of this story

When your lawn and garden plants come leaping back to life in spring, unfortunately, so do their pesky companions, weeds. Spring weeds can be hard to conquer, particularly because if you have young plants or seeds, herbicides can harm them, taking the chemical option off the table. So what’s a spring-weed hater to do? 3 killer weed control alternatives to weed killer Pull, then mulch. Mulching your planting beds is an excellent way to keep spring weeds from ... Read the rest of this story

When it comes to bringing in professional help for your yard, you have choices from total DIY to bringing in a crew of professionals to fully manage your landscaping. What is the right choice for you and your yard? Ask yourself these four questions, and you’ll get a good sense of where you shake out on the professional lawn care front. How well established is your yard? A lot of the heavy lifting in a yard comes ... Read the rest of this story

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