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This week, New York City’s hot new park, the Highline, opened a new section of the abandoned-railroad-turned-green-space. Where previously-opened sections featured naturalistic plantings and wooden walkways, this one features a big lawn, perfect for lounging, proving that even city dwellers aren’t immune to the allure of lush green grass. Wherever you live–city, country, or in between–these three lush-lawn tips can help your lawn be every bit as lounge-worthy as ... Read the rest of this story

Nothing evokes summer more than the smell of freshly clipped grass and the faint whiff of lawn mower fuel. Except maybe a glass of lemonade and a hammock. If you’d rather have more lemonade/hammock time and less grass/lawn mower fuel time, these tips are for you. Forget corners. You can cut your lawn mowing time dramatically by adjusting your landscape design. Change the square angles of your planting beds to curves and replace those tight corners with ... Read the rest of this story

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