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There’s no doubt about it: you can work up a sweat doing yard work. But is it enough to actually keep you in shape? Take a look at these calorie counts* and see what you think. Shoveling snow. The biggest yard work calorie burner is still a few months away. For a person who weights 155 pounds, an hour of shoveling snow burns 422 calories. That’s the same number of calories you’d burn in an hour of ... Read the rest of this story

Every season means new things for your lawn. With the arrival of fall temperatures, lawns in most parts of the country perk up after struggling through the heat of summer. Enjoy the green! At the same time, fall lawns need slightly different maintenance than spring or summer lawns. Here’s what you can do to keep your lawn lush this fall and beyond. Mowing. Your lawn will keep growing through the first frosts of the season, so don’t ... Read the rest of this story

If you live in a four-season climate, fall is a great time to apply lawn fertilizer. Why? Let’s count the ways. Green for the fall. A fall lawn fertilizer application will keep your grass green for months to come. Want a green lawn for you family’s Thanksgiving football game? Put down some fertilizer now, and start looking forward to some good green grass stains. Stores for the winter. Giving your lawn an extra dose of nutrients now ... Read the rest of this story

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