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It’s still March but your lawn is already green and growing like it’s a plant straight out of the Little Shop of Horrors? You’re not the only one with a seemingly out-of-control lawn, which is why lawn mower repair shops are already slammed—and we’re likely still weeks from a final frost. Jody Tyson, owner of Tyson’s Lawnmower Repair and Service near York, Pa., told his local newspaper, the York Dispatch, that he’s already been servicing four ... Read the rest of this story

Spring fever is here, thanks in large part to unseasonably warm temperatures that have swept most the nation this month for good and for bad. Yes, green stuff is growing—but unfortunately, not everything coming out of the ground is good for your lawn. What are the signs to be looking for? If your tulips, crocuses, and forsythia are blooming, beware. What follows them is crabgrass.

Dreaded crabgrass

[/caption] When nighttime soil temperatures reach over 50 degrees for ... Read the rest of this story

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