Grass Rooted

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Unfortunately, it’s true. Dogs and lawns do not play well together. Dogs love to roll and lay in grass. But they also enjoy urinating all over it, running well-worn paths through it, and digging it up. So what is a dog lover-lawn lover to do? There is hope. Consider adding a pea gravel path

Pea gravel path

[/caption] At my house, I’ve taken the easy way out. My front yard is a carpet of lush ... Read the rest of this story

My husband is a bit of a nerd: A cute one, but a nerd nonetheless. The main reason I say this is because he never operates a power tool without wearing safety gear, and I grew up in a family where that sort of thing was scoffed at. If only he knew me back when I rode the family riding mower wearing *gasp* flip flops! As much as I enjoy making fun of his clear lawn-mowing ... Read the rest of this story

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