Nothing evokes summer more than the smell of freshly clipped grass and the faint whiff of lawn mower fuel. Except maybe a glass of lemonade and a hammock. If you’d rather have more lemonade/hammock time and less grass/lawn mower fuel time, these tips are for you.

  1. Forget corners. You can cut your lawn mowing time dramatically by adjusting your landscape design. Change the square angles of your planting beds to curves and replace those tight corners with gentle arcs, and voila! No more tricky edging, no more picking up the lawn mower for tight turns. Just push and go.
  2. Forget bagging. Mulching lawn mowers–a.k.a. mowers that cut your lawn clippings and shoot them back out on the lawn–are better for your grass, and they cut lawn mowing time, too! Save yourself those minutes you would spend emptying the bag of collected clippings, and give your lawn back some nutrients.
  3. Mow when it’s dry. Pushing a lawn mower across a wet lawn is trouble. First and foremost, wet lawns are slipperier, which can be dangerous, and which, in turn, means you have to slow down to stay safe. Next, any type of fungus or lawn disease spreads more easily with wet clippings than dry ones. Things are speedier, safer, and healthier with dry lawn mowing.

Lawn mowing can be a pleasure, but that doesn’t mean you want it to go on all afternoon. With adjustments like these, you can get the lawn mower in and out and get back to enjoying your yard.