When your lawn and garden plants come leaping back to life in spring, unfortunately, so do their pesky companions, weeds. Spring weeds can be hard to conquer, particularly because if you have young plants or seeds, herbicides can harm them, taking the chemical option off the table. So what’s a spring-weed hater to do?

3 killer weed control alternatives to weed killer

  1. Pull, then mulch. Mulching your planting beds is an excellent way to keep spring weeds from creeping in. But don’t plan on smothering the weeds that have already popped up. Do some down and dirty weed pulling, and then spread the mulch to keep more weeds from arriving.
  2. Spot treat. Applying weed killer to your entire lawn can be hazardous to any new grass you may have planted, so instead of an all-over weed killer application, just spray the spots that need it most. Whether it is a strip bordering a neighbor’s unkempt yard or a patch of crabgrass, targeted treatments can work wonders.
  3. Weed control fabric. Putting down a layer of weed control fabric now can spare you hours of weed pulling later. If you already have established plantings, getting down into the soil to lay the weed barrier is a challenge probably not worth undertaking, but if you are undertaking any sort of major new planting, like a vegetable garden or a new flower bed, get the weed control fabric in there while you have the chance.

Spring weed control can be tough, but tackle the weeds now while they are small, and you will thank yourself later in the season.