Every new season brings challenges and opportunities for your lawn. Maybe you knew that fall was a great time for planting grass, but did you know that fall also presents great opportunities for fighting weeds? Try these three strategies in the coming weeks, and you’ll cut back on the weeds in your lawn now and next spring.

  1. Fertilize. For lawns in four-season climates, the cooler temperatures of fall put your grass into growth mode. If you give your lawn a boost of nutrients in the fall, you’ll encourage its natural fall growth, helping it to put down deeper roots and grow thicker and lusher. That’s good for your lawn in general, but a lush lawn also crowds out weeds. Two birds with one stone!
  2. Apply weed killer. You may want to clobber perennial weeds like dandelions when they’re blooming in the spring, but it turns out they are actually best tackled in the fall. Treat dandelions and their ilk with weed killer now, and they’ll take the poison down to their roots along with the nutrients they’re storing away for the winter. Root death means those pesky yellow dandelions won’t be coming back next spring.
  3. Dig ‘em out. Some weeds like crabgrass are annuals, so they’ll die when frost hits. Unfortunately, before they die they spread their seed. If you can dig the crabgrass out before it sets seed, you’ll save yourself from having to deal with new crabgrass come spring.

Try these three strategies, and you’ll be on your way to a weed-free lawn.