The snow is still melting. Your lawn isn’t even the least bit green yet. Thoughts of yard work are still packed away with your summer clothes. And yet! The work you do this time of year can make a huge difference in the health of your lawn all season long. Here are three easy early spring lawn care jobs to tackle in the coming weeks:

  1. Spread the snow. We’ve all seen those giant snow piles that are still lingering long after Easter. No problem if the snow pile is in a corner of a parking lot. Big problem if it’s on your grass. Spread piles of snow out evenly to help them melt faster, and you can fight off problems like snow mold before they start.
  2. Clean up debris. Fallen branches, old grass clippings, stray animal droppings–you want to clear that all away before your lawn starts greening up. That way, when your grass goes to take its first spring breath, it won’t choke on all that junk that has built up over the winter.
  3. Scan for damage and make a plan. Winter can be hard on your lawn. You may find damage to the grass from salt near your sidewalks. You may find areas of the lawn that are damaged from animals or from muddy foot traffic. Look over your whole lawn, see what needs attention and get ready to reseed those areas.

Finally, here’s one lawn care job to wait a few weeks on: raking. You might be tempted to jump right on it, but when your grass is still muddy with the spring melt, you may end up ripping up patches. Wait for slightly drier conditions, and your grass will thank you.