Here are a few pieces of backyard furniture to consider adding to your outdoor room this spring.

Get Benched

A garden bench is so versatile, it is one of the greatest investments you can make in backyard furniture. You can place it in the middle of your lawn for an optimum 360˚ view or nestle it in a corner for some discreet bird watching. You can move it as the seasons change to suit your needs and even move it indoors. They are charming in family rooms and work great in mud rooms for putting on footwear.

Benches come in a variety of materials and can be any color to match any look. You can have a static park bench or a glider that keeps rhythm with a lazy spring Sunday. Either way, choose a garden bench that is made from a durable material lasting more than a few years and make the commitment to sit on the bench, not just look at it.

Hanging Around Hammock Style

From rope weave to quilted comfort; from a single sling chair to a double-wide bed; between two shade trees or suspended by a stand; hammocks offer a great place to take a nap, read a book or gaze at stars. Grass under your hammock will keep you cool and offer some padding if the hammock flips you out.

If you have the space and the time to enjoy it, go tie one on! A hammock, that is.

Laid Back Chaises and Day Beds

Furniture that allows you to fully relax takes some cushion. Relaxing on a comforting thick cushion absorbs your stress and sends you to dreamland. Add a thick cushion to a new or old chaise or a low platform to make a day bed.