Maybe you are the sort of person who wants to wake up first thing Saturday morning and tackle your yard work. You have your lawn mower buzzing before your neighbors are even awake (though the sound of your mower should certainly help get their lazy bones out of bed). You might feel virtuous, but is that really the best time of day for lawn mowing?

Here’s the easy one-word answer: no.

In fact, the procrastinators among us are doing our lawns a favor, because the best time of day for lawn mowing is actually early evening. Not just because you are far less likely to upset the neighbors with your mowing at 6 p.m. than you are at 6 a.m. but for several other reasons.

Mowing the grass: what time of day is best?

  1. Morning: First off, your lawn is likely to be wet in the morning, thanks to dew. And mowing a wet lawn is asking for trouble. You can rip up grass more easily when it is wet, and lawn disease is more likely to spread when your blades and the lawn are wet. So morning is out.
  2. Noon: What about noon? Actually, when the sun is at its peak, mowing can stress your lawn. Your grass is busy photosynthesizing and trying to keep in moisture. Cut off the tips of the grass in the heat of the day, and you’ll practically hear it whimper.
  3. Evening: Morning and lunchtime are out, which brings us to late afternoon/early evening. Mow your lawn then, and the grass is likely to be dry. Mow your lawn then, and the sun is less likely to sap the grass’s moisture. Mow your lawn then, and it has plenty of time to recover before it has to stand up to the sun again the next day.

So procrastination is a good thing! Just as long as you don’t put off mowing till so late you need headlights for your lawn mower…